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Juvent's Micro-Impact Platform is a safe and gentle solution
to keep you active and healthy

can be

is easier

minutes a day

for better balance and pain relief

Your body requires daily healthy impact

Did you know, that by age 30 our bodies lose 1-3% of bone density per year? This loss occurs due to a significant reduction in Type IIa muscle fiber activity. When our bodies get an increase in muscle action it builds more bone.*

The Juvent Micro-Impact Platform provides the essential
muscular stimulation needed to build bone density

Muscular stimulation puts tiny stressors on your bones and your bones and muscles response. Just step on for 20 minutes a day.
It's that simple, safe, effective and natural!

Feel Better Everyday

*The Surgeon General’s report on bone loss states: The body constantly monitors the strain on bones caused by muscle action, and any increase in these forces signals the need to build more bone.

Juvent users report improvements in...

Improved muscle recovery

Improved balance

Improved circulation

Improved stability

Less joint pain

Less muscle pain

Less arthritis pain

Less lower limb edema

With just 20 minutes a day!

Juvent Micro-Impact Platform...
a gentle and safe source for balance, energy and mobility

Start feeling relief today...
Juvent's NO RISK 6 Week MONEY BACK Guarantee**

The safest and most clinically
proven micro-impact platform
in the world

U.S. $3,495

Only $995 down and $99 per month*

Your body and mind will thank you.
*all you need is a major credit card for this option.
**minus actual S/H

Call 877.758.8368
about our 28 month
payment plan*